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We are StockTim, an Auckland-based web design & web development company focused on forming quality relationships with good people and helping them get the most out of their website.

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Websiterists are your local handymen for all things web.

People in requirement of a website often think they can do it on their own. Just like some folks like to think they can do their own brain surgery or build a moon going rocket in the back garden. So when the construction begins, all may go well for a while but usually common demons like Boring, Bad Design, Bad Links and Leaky Website turn up to plague the builder. These attacks can cause much distress and result in a bad website.

Even that would be bad enough but then the site management goblins such as Analytics, SEO and the like pitch up demanding answers and the whole exercise becomes rather pointless like that rocket rusting in the garden. The Best Advice is if you can’t do it yourself, get hold of someone who can… And when it comes to websites, the obvious choice is the websiterists.

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The Websiterists Toolkit:
We have a simple set of tools in the kit.

1. Problem Identity

Websiterists believe that true website mastery is when 'design' and 'build' come together, in perfect harmony. To design something without an understanding of how it works is to fail before you start. When we ask ourselves 'does it look amazing?' we are also thinking 'will it work well?'. We use this approach when dealing with problems and we always manage to solve them.

2. Solution

The process by which a gas, liquid, or solid is dispersed homogeneously in a gas, liquid, or solid without chemical change... Yeh, just kidding, as websiterists we come up with real solutions that are tangible as well as being relevant to your business and your important customers.

3. Resolution

A results based design and development strategy from the first consultation to ongoing support of the completed website.

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