ARC Painters

The team at ARC painters had a very basic website with no content management system meaning they required a web developer to make any changes. After enduring long enough with parts of their website not working they decided it was time to get hold of us.

With their requirements being something simple and straightforward we ended up delivering a single-page custom designed Wordpress solution with cool looking paint strokes between the sections.

At ARC Painters, we are a team dedicated to delivering quality painting services.

28 years of painting experience, painting Auckland beautiful

With over 28 years of experience in the painting industry, they can confidently say that they know how to paint Auckland Beautiful.

Their team is made up of highly trained staff with specialised skills who believe in delivering quality. Every project that ARC Painters takes on is done to an extremely high standard. Their record of repeating clients is immaculate which is a direct result of the focus on customer satisfaction and giving them the quality they deserve.

Want to get your biggest asset looking like new?
Give them a bell, you won't regret it! ✌