Kitset Solutions

The owner at Kitset Solutions, being very forward thinking, came to us with a whole bunch of ideas. One of which was to create a simple website packed full of features without clutter or unnecessary waffle.

We've since expanded on the functionality of this site by integrating Shopify. This allows Kitset Solutions to not only help people with flat-pack assembly but to provide proper eco-friendly cleaning solutions too.

Kitset solutions

A solution to every problem

Kitset Solutions is the answer to all your flatpack and kitset item assembly needs.

Save time and hassle by having them do the work for you so that you can enjoy your BBQ, outdoor furniture, trampoline etc. with peace of mind knowing that it has been built correctly.

Helping keep New Zealand's clean green image is important to them, that's why they are a member of the Keep New Zealand Beautiful charity, which helps them keep up the great work they do for the environment.

The kings of flat pack assembly! ✌
Whether it's a drawer or a shed, they're happy to help!