Email Setup

First impressions matter, especially in business when your end goal is to attract clients and customers. This statement is even more accurate when it comes to email communication, as people are becoming more and more selective when it comes to their inbox. 💌

Spam emails and promotional offers from unwanted sources tend to make people wary of opening a new message, and this is where your professional email address comes into play. No more being ignored with your <name>, be taken seriously with your <name>@<domain> email. We charge a single fee to setup and configure your business emails with Google Suite.

If you'd like to sign-up yourself and get 20% off your first year, give us a call!

No middle man

You'll be directly billed by google, we don't take a cut.

Google Suite

You'll have access to the whole google suite which include google docs, sheets, drive and presentation.

One-off setup cost

You will only pay us a setup fee, then you'll be in the safe hands of google.

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