$200 Fixed Price Google Business Email Setup Offer

StockTim will setup and configure you a business email with google for a fixed rate of $200 + GST. 💌

We want to help you build customer trust and gain credibility by setting you up with a professional email address at your domain, such as susan@yourcompany.co.nz. We can also create group mailing lists like sales@yourcompany.co.nz. Once the initial setup is done it’s incredibly easy to add more mailboxes for everyone in your company.

You'll also receive 20% off your first year signing up through us, give us a call!

No clipping the ticket

Google charges a monthly fee of $6USD p/m per mailbox which you pay directly to Google, we do not add anything on top.

Migration option available

Have a company email already but would like to migrate it over to Google? We can do the setup and migration of all your old emails for $500 + GST.

Domain purchasing

You will need a domain, e.g. yourcompany.co.nz. If you don't have one already, we can purchase this on your behalf and look after it for $35 + GST p/a.

Email @yourcompany

Show you're in business and look professional with custom email at your company domain. Create personalised email addresses for your team like bob@yourcompany.co.nz.

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