plural noun: websiterists

A practitioner of the art of website design, development, construction, maintenance, rehabilitation and repair. Also known to have a sense of humour and a quiet confidence in their abilities.


Bob: Aww man! I've had my website up for a while but it's slow, getting hacked and totally out of date!
I don't know what to do!

Jules: Bob! Sounds like you need a websiterist! Get hold of the boys from StockTim, they'll help you out!

The Websiterist Creed

+ To deliver quality websites
+ To treat customers ethically and fairly
+ To try to offer a website at "best value" for the customer
+ To be professional in website matters
+ To help customers recognise good websites

Meet the websiterists, Sean and Paul! The founders of the web design company called StockTim. We're based in East Auckland, New Zealand.

Usually 6 foot tall, dark haired and bearded and of pleasant countenance. At this stage only the male variety has been found;
would also apply to the female when discovered but probably not the bearded bit.

Websiterists & Why

Front End Development, Full Stack Developer, Web Designer, Web Master, Creative Technologist, Web Guru? Yeh... we find those terms confusing as well.

This is why we've created the term 'Websiterist' as we feel that there should be an easier way to identify the service and person that you get in touch with for all of you web needs. Much like you'd look to find a plumber if the boiler broke or an electrician when the power goes out unexpectedly.

So, if someone were to ask about anything web related, you just point them towards a websiterist.

In need of a websiterist? 🤓
We look forward to hearing from you!